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Dear bros,If you realize the photos here are quit a big difference with the girl,and if the service is fake or skimps,please report to us and we will reply as soon as possible.


2018-04-03 08:56jack Says:
nothing so good about her massage
2018-04-01 22:17Jason Says:
Just finished the session with her,her left face was disfigured with scary marks!!!
2018-01-29 15:04jimmy Says:
五官/LOOKS:5分 | 身材/BODY:4分 | 服务/SERVICE:5分 | 态度/ATTITUDE:5分
she is plump not exactly like the photo at all,picture had been fully touch up
2018-01-25 16:29birdman Says:
just finished session with her,not that worth it for$110
2018-01-25 16:20sam Says:
she has been here 2016 thus always keep changing photo to avoid been recognize,old hen already
2018-01-25 17:17robert parker Says:
real person and photo alot of different
2018-01-25 17:16chiku Says:
no wonder keep changing photos
2018-01-25 17:15wwww Says:
wow soooooo long here already
2018-01-25 16:04spermbank Says:
does she provide fj/
2018-01-25 16:22simon Says:
2018-01-25 15:01scott Says:
Massage ok la .HJ ok la ,
2018-01-25 16:02chiku Says:
you try already/
2018-01-25 14:02robert parker Says:
her massage is ordinary,bai xue is much more better than huizi
2018-01-25 13:43loveD Says:
her massage is ordinary compare to others,hj is soso only nothing much ,
2018-01-25 11:30tanker Says:
omg lucky never look for her
2018-01-25 10:00fighter Says:
2018-01-25 09:08faswter Says:
why the comment of her at other wedsite was so good???
2018-01-25 13:31wonder Says:
this wedsite is better allow us to comment the good & bad which is true,where as the other website like the wolves only allow good comment and bad comment will be remove or deleted
2018-01-24 13:16rocker Says:
thank for all the information thought of looking for her,now change my mind already
2018-01-24 13:02chiku Says:
and normal service for$110,ridiclous
2018-01-25 16:12simon Says:
me also kana before never return the change
2018-01-25 13:55speedo Says:
i saw comment on other wedsite saying she collect more than $110 and do not give back the change and the customer posted it on the compliants column and was deleted by the website owner
2018-01-25 13:43loveD Says:
agree with you
2018-01-24 13:00ladykiller Says:
she always off the room light and happen to saw her face with scar when i turn over my head,maybe why she cover her face with her hair,36d but saggy like papaya,one time trying is enough for me
2018-01-24 11:33superman Says:
五官/LOOKS:6分 | 身材/BODY:5分 | 服务/SERVICE:4分 | 态度/ATTITUDE:4分
should be over 30 something,tried before not very good,saggy boods
2018-01-23 08:39Chiku Says:
Agree with you had been here quite long time,just change the photo only
2018-01-22 14:25wonder Says:
五官/LOOKS:6分 | 身材/BODY:5分 | 服务/SERVICE:4分 | 态度/ATTITUDE:5分
this is the true fact
2018-01-22 14:22wonder Says:
had been here for years already,not fresh
2018-01-22 14:19wonder Says:
look older than 23,massage soso,baba type
2018-01-24 19:07@[email protected] Says: